Gao Jigang
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Gao Jigang
M.S. (Shandong Agriculture University)
Master Supervisor
Chief of Department of Materials Chemistry

1991-1994 M. S. of biochemistry, Shandong Agriculture University
1980-1984 B. S., Department of Chemistry, Shandong normal university
Professional Experience
2010—present Professor, Shandong Agricultural University
2002—2010 Associate Professor, Shandong Agricultural University
1990—2002 Lecturer, Shandong Agricultural University
Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry, Basic Chemistry Experiment, Inorganic Chemistry Experiment.
Research Interests:
(1) Spectrochemical analysis
(2) Biochemical analysis.
Selected Publications
1. Shuhui Ma, Wei Mu, Jigang Gao*,Jie Zhou. Spectroscopic Study of 2-(2-pyridyliminomethyl) phenol as a Novel Fluorescent Probe for Superoxide Anion Radicals and Superoxide Dismutase Activity. Journal of Fluorescence, Volume 19, 2009.5. 487-493.
2. GAO, Ji-Gang CHEN, Chang-Bao WANG, Rong-Rong ZHOU, Jie*. Synthesis of a Long Side Chain-Linked and Dually Carboxy Functional Monomer N-(p-Vinylbenzyl)-N,N-bis[2-(3-carboxypropionyloxy)ethyl] amine and Its Application to Recognition of Imprinted Bovine Serum Albumin. ACTA CHIMICA SINICA 2008.66(9)1067~1073.
3. Jigang Gao,FenWang,QingxiMeng,Ming Li. Density functional computations of Rh(I)-catalysed hydroacylation and hydrogenation of ethene using formic acid. Molecular Simulation Vol. 35, No. 5 April 2009, 419–427.
4. Jigang Gao,Fen Wang,Qingxi Meng,Ming Li. DENSITY FUNCTIONAL COMPUTATIONS OF Rh(I)-CATALYZED HYDROACYLATION OF ETHENE OR ETHYNE. Journal of Theoretical and Computational Chemistry; Vol. 7, No. 5 (2008) .1041 - 1053
5. Jigang Gao, Jie Zhou, Xiangjin Qu. Fluorometric Method for Quantitative Determination of Glucose and Its Application to Human Serum. Analytical science 2005.4, 409-512
6. Gao Jigang, Zhou Jie , Qu Xiangjin . Characteristics of Molecular Recognition of Plant Hormone 1H-Indole-3-Acetic Acid Molecular Template Polymer. Chinese Journal of Analytical Chemistry 2003. 31(10) 1173-1177.
7. Gao Jigang, Zhou Jie* , Sheng Feng, Fu Lei,Wang Jianmin. Determination of Stability Constant of Complexes and Purity of Organic Reagents by Spectrophotometric Method. Chinese Journal of Analytical Chemistry,2002.5, 594-597
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10.Textbook:“Organic Chemistry”and “Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry”.