Liu Xiutang
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Professor Liu Xiutang was born in August 1956. He graduated from Nanjing Forestry University chemistry teacher classes in January 1982. In the past, he was successfully presented as a deputy director, secretary of the education system and director of Education Research Department of the Forestry School of Shandong Province, director of Basic Science and Technology Department of Shandong Agricultural University etc. He was rewarded many times by Forestry Department of Shandong Province. His awards involve “outstanding young intellectuals” of Tai’an City, “outstanding teachers” of Shandong Agricultural University, “top ten advanced individual award”, “talented teachers ” in science and teach logy college, “good teachers” in the eyes of students, and so on.
He owned rich experience in basic chemistry and computer teaching. He fully participated the teaching task in “General Chemistry”, “Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry”, “organic and biochemistry”, “basic chemistry experiment”, “basic knowledge of computer”, “computer assembly and maintenance”, and won the Teaching Quality Awards many times.
In teaching research, he hosted and participated in 5 teaching research projects since 2000. Among them, 2 won the second prize of Teaching Awards of Shandong Agricultural University. Besides, he was also the editor of “organic and biochemistry” (‘Eleventh Five-Year’ national planned teaching materials) and ‘Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry’(state-compiled textbook made by the Ministry of Education Commission).
“Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry” course was identified as key building courses in 2003 and 2004. After then, it was awarded provincial excellent course in 2005.
His scientific research interest is about stress conditions in the bio-physiological and biochemistry. He won the third prize of scientific and technological progress of Tai’an City.
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