Lu Fusui
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Professor Lu Fusui was born in October 1957 in Liaocheng City, Shandong province China. He is a doctoral tutor. He finished postgraduate study in Shandong University Chemistry Department in June 1987. Now he is the director of Chemicals Research Institute in Shandong Agricultural University. He recruits doctors and masters in “Pesticide Science” postgraduate degree programs, and recruits masters in “Applied Chemistry” postgraduate degree programs in Shandong Agricultural University. In teaching, he mainly teaches “Physical Chemistry”, “Spectroscopy and Chromatography”, “Applied Colloid Chemistry” for undergraduates and postgraduates. He is an editor of general higher education "Eleventh Five-Year" national planning materials, "Physical Chemistry" (the second editor, Science Press, published in January 2008). He won the second prize of the fifth teacher’s teaching quality of Shandong agricultural university in June 2006. In scientific research, he mainly uses the principles of physical chemistry and colloid chemistry to research processing technology and stability theory of new water-based pesticide formulations. He chairs six subjects from Shandong natural science foundation and enterprises. He has developed more than 30 new pesticide formulation products, most of which have gained national pesticide product registration and has been put into industrial production. He won the third prize of Shandong universities outstanding scientific research (Shandong Provincial Education Department, third bit). He has published more than 30 academic papers in professional journals and 8 papers were included in SCI.
Funded Projects
1. The role and dispersing mechanism of polymer dispersant in pesticide suspension system. Natural Science Foundation of Shandong Province (Department of Science and Technology of Shandong Province). ZR2009DM032.
2. The special additives study of water-based new pesticide formulation, Corporation of Tai’an Run Nong additives (horizontal alliances).
Representative papers:
1. LI Pei-Qiang, LU Fu-Sui*, AI Shi-Yun, LIU Yu. Study on the Effect of Different Antiparticles on α-Cypermethrin Based Microemulsion. Acta Chimica Sinica, 2006, 64(5), 367-370, recruited by SCI.
2. ZHAO Hui, LU Fu-Sui*, LI Pei-Qiang. Effect of Different Factors on Phase Behavior in Cyhalothrin Microemulsion. Acta Physico-Chimica Sinica, 2006, 22(4), 475-480, recruited by SCI.
3. ZHAO Hui, LU Fu-Sui*, LI Pei-Qiang. Effect of Alcohol on Phase Diagram in Cyhalothrin Microemulsion. Chinese Journal of Applied Chemistry. 2006, 23(5), 503-507.
4. LIU Yu, LU Fu-Sui*, CHEN Tian-Tian, GAO Cui-Li, ZHU Heng-Y ing, ZHAO Hui. Studies on the Effect of Different Coherer Counter-ions on Forming Rule and Stability of Cyhalothrin Microemulsion. Chemical Journal of Chinese Universities. 2007, 28(5), 909-912, recruited by SCI.
5. ZHUANG Zhan-Xing, LU Fu-Sui, CHEN Tian-Tian, LIU Yue, LUO Wan-Chun. Adsorption Properties of MOTAS Dispersant on the Interface of Hexaflumuron Particles. 2009, 30(2): 332-336, recruited by SCI.
6. Feng Jian-Guo, Lu Fu-Sui, Li Ming. Screening of Dispersing Agents of Flufenoxuron 5% SC. Pesticide, 2009, 48(7): 484-486.
7. ZHUANG Zhan-Xing, LU Fu-Sui, CHEN Tian-Tian, LI Wei, GUO Wen-Ting, LUO Wan-Chun. Effect of Polymer Dispersant on Rheological Properties of Hexaflumuron in the Form of Aqueous Suspension Concentrate. 2010, 27(4), 470-473.
8. Feng Jian-Guo, Lu Fu-Sui, Cheen Tian-Tian, Zhang Shu-Qin, Li Hui. Effect of Copolymer Dispersant on the Dispersion Stability of Flufenoxuron Suspension Concentrate. Chemical Journal of Chinese Universities, 2010, 31(7): 1386-1390, recruited by SCI.
9. Chen Tian-Tian, Lu Fu-Sui, Li Xian-Wei, Zhang Shu-Qin, Hou Wan-Guo. Influence of Mg-Al MMH on the Rheology of Diflubenzur on SC. Chemical Journal of Chinese Universities. 2010, 31(10): 2036-2041.
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