Jiang Lin
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Jiang Lin 
Vice dean of College of Chemistry and Materials Science 
Ph. D. (Nankai University)

Master Supervisor
(Applied Chemistry, Pesticide)
  Teaching Organic Chemistry, Organic Synthesis, Synthetic Pesticides, Advanced Organic Chemistry, Pesticide Chemistry. Funded Project Shandong Province Natural Science Foundation Research Interest:
(1) Fine Organic Synthesis
(2) Pesticide Chemistry Selected Publications: More than 50 papers were published.
Among them, 18 papers were included in SCI Journals, such as "Molecules", "J Pestic. Sci.", "J. Chem. Crystallorgr.", "Chin. J. Chem.", "Chin. J. Org. Chem. ", and"Chin. J. Struct. Chem.".
1. Jiang Lin*, Wang Haibo, Mu Wei, Ji, Zengchen, Cao, Peng. Synthesis and Fungicidal Activity of 2-Acetyl-6-(un)substituted-1H-benzimidazole Oxime-ethers. Chin. J. Chem., 2011, 29, 539-543.
2. Maorong WANG, Linying SUN, Fuxian WAN, Lin JIANG*. Synthesis and Herbicidal Activity of Novel Acylthiourea and 2H−1,2,4−Thiadiazolo[2,3−a]pyrimidine Derivatives. J. Pestic. Sci. (Accepted).
3. Peng Cao, Lin Jiang*, Xue-Bin Zhang, Shang-Zheng, Ge. 8-[2-(1H-indol-3-yl) vinyl]-10,10- dimethyl-10H-pyrido[1,2-a] indolium Perchlorate. Molbank, 2010, M699: 1-3.
4. Lin Jiang*, Hao Wang, Mao-Rong Wang, Xin-Huan Teng. Synthesis and biological activity of 4-(4,6-disubstitutedpyrimidin-2-yloxy)phenoxy acetates. Molecules, 2010, 15, 1074-1081.
5. Lin JIANG,* Feng LIU, Dengke ZHANG, Haibo WANG. Synthesis and antifungal activity of 1-substitutedphenyl-3-(5- halobenzimidazol-2-yl) acylurea. J Pestic. Sci, 2010, 35(1): 33-35.
6. Changjun Zhang, Yanqiu Dang, Lin Jiang*, Liyin Wang. Synthesis and Crystal Structure of N-(1-Methyl-3-ethyl-4-chloropyrazol-5-yl) acyl-N'-(4-fluorophenyl) thiourea. J Chem Crystallorgr, 2009, 39:838-841.
7. Hao Wang, Lin Jiang, Lei Fu. Properties of molded soy protein isolate plastics. J Applied Polymer Sci. 2007,106:3716-3720.
8. Xue Chao-Bin, Luo Wan-Chun, Jiang Lin, Xie Xian-Ye, Xiao Ting and Yan Lei. Inhibition Kinetics of Cabbage Butterfly (Pieris rapae L.) Larvae Phenoloxidase Activity by 3−Hydroxy−4−methoxy benzaldehyde Thiosemicarbazone. Appl. Biochem. Biotech., 2007, 43: 101−114.