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First-Class Discipline of Chemistry  

  To combine chemistry science with agricultural and life sciences and explore this applications in agriculture and life, the discipline forms this features in 5 research directions. Bioorganic Chemistry aims to research the mechanism and physiological effect of nitric oxide molecular on the enzyme of controlling fruit, synthesis and molecular recognition of molecular imprinted polymer receptor, the interactive effect of small bioactive molecular with protein, and the synthesis of enzyme model molecule. The target of Functional Material and Biosensor Technology is to carry out functional materials with high reactivity and high catalytic activity and the advanced biological sensors. It has achieved significant profits in sensitive, efficient, and specific detection of food, gene, and causative organisms. Photoanalytical Chemistry puts special attention on the photometric analysis non-mark bioactive substances, and the optical detection of protein, nucleic acid and the small biological molecular. Applied Colloid Chemistry put focus on the preparation technology and micro structure analysis of water base pesticide, and achieved marked results in processing technology and mechanism of stability of suspension concentrate, aqueous emulsion, and micro-emulsion. Applied Organic Chemistry aims to synthesis new enzyme inhibitors for phenol oxidase, acetolactate synthetase, chitin synthase, and so on. The important progress has been made in their bioactivity and structure-activity relationships. It had laid foundation for developing higher effective and lower toxic pesticides.
Research areas: Bioorganic Chemistry, Functional Material and Biosensor Technology, Nano-materials and Photoanalytical Chemistry, Applied Colloid Chemistry, Applied Organic Chemistry.
Education and degrees:  3 years; Master degree in Science