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Applied Chemistry  

Training objective

Applied Chemistry is the school-level special discipline. This discipline put focus on foster the students with multiple and practical qualifications. To meet the needs of 21st century economic development, the students should be with innovation spirit and practical ability, have a strong fundamental theory of chemistry, master the scientific research fields of chemistry and applied chemistry, and develop the skills of new product research and development. The students are competent for research, development, production and management work in chemistry and chemical engineering and related fields. They mainly study basic theory and methods of chemistry, methods of scientific thinking for foundation and application research, methods of extraction and separation of natural products, comprehensive utilization of agricultural products, development of agricultural chemicals, modern separation and analysis method, document retrieval, methods and skills of literature search. Overall, after four-year education, the students should have the ability to serve the fundamental industry with modern scientific technology of chemistry, do scientific research and technical administration, and so on.


The major courses are inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, physical chemistry, structural chemistry, chemical engineering, chemical biology, fine chemicals chemistry.


The employment of graduates widens to the realm of chemistry and chemical engineering teaching; production, analysis, research and management work in chemistry, chemical engineering, pharmaceutical, pesticide, food, and materials enterprises.