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The College of Chemistry and Material Science attaches great importance to the teaching and course construction. Besides the specialized courses for our undergraduate and postgraduate students, we also bear the Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Colloid and Physical Chemistry, Chemical Engineering Principle courses and relative experiments courses of whole school, and parts of other college postgraduate courses. We have published 21 textbooks, among them 9 state-compiled, and 46 teaching research papers. We are awarded one first national teaching achievement prize (participation), 2 provincial teaching quality prizes and more school-level teaching achievement prizes. Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry course for higher vocational education is provincial excellent course. Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Basic Chemical Experiment are school-level excellent courses. We also have the provincial demonstration center for chemical experimental teaching. 12 teachers won the school-level teaching quality awards, among them 3 first awards.