Sunday, February 14, 2016

Loving You To Death ~ An Anthology of Murder

During the month of February ~ the month of love, the month of passion ~ 38 murderous writers gathered in graveyard buried deep within Facebook to plot, plan and cause the death of jilted lovers, cheating spouses, unattainable crushes and heartbroken sweethearts all in the name of love.

There are many different types of love and many different ways to die. Loving You To Death brings them together in 250-word expressions of the deepest love there is ~ deadly love.

Nothing says I love you like a stab through the rib cage, a lovely bottle of cyanide or a chest full of heart worms. Just in time to bring a little more love and romance to your Valentine's Day, Loving You To Death is now available on Amazon

And as a special treat that's better than a box of chocolates, the anthology is available free February 14th! Happy Valentine's Day!

Table of Contents

Charles Alley ~ The Note
Rose Anderson / Madeline Archer ~ Starting Over
Steve Barber ~ Church Bulletin
Candace C. Bowen ~ The Crush
Candy Burke ~ Love Hurts
Geoff Collins-White ~ Desert Surprise
Terri Lynn Coop ~ The Brain Eaters
Dovey Mayali Cralk ~ The Dutiful Wife
Paul R. DeLancey ~ Twice The Man
SK Delph ~ Blow Me ... Away
Wayne DePriest ~ The Kiss
Bryan Dodd ~ Thawless Love
Barry Dowdeswell ~ Cleft
Douglas Dutcher ~ Honeymoon Cruise
Ellorien ~ A Bad Match
Amy Gettinger ~ Chocolates for His Sweetie
Denise Hemphill ~ My Ear Family
Foinah Jameson ~ Bad Dog
RJ Jeffreys ~ An Act of Ablution
Karen Oldham-Kidd ~ Split Decision
H.A. Lamb ~ The Last Supper
Elizabeth M. Lawrence ~ Forever
Desiree Lee ~ Second Chances
D.K. Mason ~ Funky Chicken
Eileen Matsumuro ~ Valentine Blues
James McShane ~ Blighted Spirits
Cathy Pace Matthews ~ The Bridge
Carole Oldroyd ~ Let Her Eat Cake
Leona Pence ~ A Mother's Love
Riley Ross ~ Bad Blood
Kim Shaddix ~ The Giver
Kally Jo Surbeck  ~ Warned
M.J. Sydney ~ You Did This
Laurie Tom ~ Til' Death
Kristen Tsetsi ~ Love You Always
Carol R. Ward ~ Love You Forever
Shirley Wetzel ~ Honor Thy Mother
Woodrow Wilkins ~ The Sting of Love