Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Darwin Murders Anthology and 'Cell 54'

On July 20, authors Candace C. Bowen and Paul De Lancey hosted another great Facebook event ~ The Darwin Murders!

The challenge: Murder in 250 words! Inspired by The Darwin Awards, 42 authors come together in this anthology with tales of happy murdering, all for the benefit of humanity.

The Darwin Murders Anthology, which includes my submission "Cell 54", is now available on Amazon.


  1. Hi MJ,
    Must have missed this post and link on FB (about your starting your blog). Good luck with this! I am finding creating and managing multiple spaces is---tough. I admire the results of your efforts!

  2. Thanks, Larry. As you can see, I'm finding it difficult to keep up with everything myself. Although my site is up and running, it is severely neglected at the moment. I hope to remedy that by the end of this month.

  3. I haven't heard about this event which was taken place on Facebook some 4 years ago.Thanks for bringing that to my knowledge.It sounds something interesting though.